New Animal Discovery Center

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FrogclimberChildren’s imaginations will run wild as science learning is brought to life in Stone Zoo's engaging new Animal Discovery Center, featuring hands-on programming, interactive learning opportunities, animal exhibits and so much more to inspire and build meaningful connections with the natural world. This project is made possible through the generous support of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but we need your help to raise $150,000 to further enhance this experience!

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For more information, call Dave Caron at 617-989-3760 or email dcaron@zoonewengland.com.

In addition to engaging programming, exhibits in the new Animal Discovery Center will include:


Panamanian Golden Frog

View these critically endangered frogs up close and learn about Zoo New England’s commitment to vital amphibian conservation. 


Honey Bee Observation Hive

This hive will highlight bees’ behavioral evolution, educate about the plight of the world’s pollinators and create awareness of the inter-reliance between humans and other species. 

Poisondartfrog Box

Poison Dart Frog

Colorful and charismatic, the dart frog’s unique physical adaptations allow it to ward off predators of all sizes.