Panamanian Golden Frog

New Animal Discovery Center

Thanks to your support, children’s imaginations will run wild as science learning is brought to life in Stone Zoo's engaging new Animal Discovery Center. The exhibit features hands-on programming, interactive learning opportunities, amazing animals and so much more to inspire and build meaningful connections with the natural world. This project was made possible both through the support of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and through your generosity!

We still welcome your support to help us further enhance the Center. For more information, call Dave Caron at 617-989-3760 or email dcaron@zoonewengland.com 
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During your visit, you'll come face-to-face with these small but mighty creatures (view the full listing here):


Honeybee Observation Hive

Our honeybee hive is buzzing with activity! Watch as bees come and go as they please, leaving the Center to gather pollen and nectar from outdoors, and returning to the hive to produce honey. You'll learn about the crucial role these pollinators play, both in our ecosystem and in our everyday lives. Don't forget to try and spot the queen bee!

Educationreptile Box

Animal Encounters

Are snakes as slimy as they look? What’s a turtle’s favorite snack? Can lizards really detach their tails? Look (and feel!) for yourself during scheduled encounters with Zoo educators and their shelled and scaly friends.

Blandingsturtle Box

Blanding's Turtles

We're giving Blanding’s turtles a head-start in the wild by raising hatchlings right here in the ADC. With each visit, you can watch as these tiny reptiles grow to 15 times their original size! We’ll then release them back into their native habitats across eastern MA. Read more about our head-start program.

Dyeingpoisonfrog Box

dyeing Poison Dart Frog

Tiny yet toxic, these colorful amphibians literally are what they eat. Their skin absorbs toxins from ants and other insects they prey upon in the wild. The dart frog's bold colors and striking patterns alert potential predators to stay away!