Caribbean Coast

You’re invited to Stone Zoo’s upcoming exhibit, a journey along the Caribbean Coast! The Zoo’s $4 million new entry exhibit experience will immerse you in the sights, sounds and dazzling beauty of these unique coastal habitats. Interactive, hands-on opportunities abound, from feeding flamingos, to creating your own rhythms on native percussion instruments. Most importantly, you’ll meet animals both majestic and rare, and learn about their unique adaptations and role in their ecosystem. Join us on a tropical adventure right here in New England. The Caribbean awaits.

Opening in June, the Caribbean Coast exhibit is being made possible entirely by private funding, including a generous contribution by StonehamBank. The capital campaign is in the homestretch with $300,000 left to raise. We need your support to bring the Caribbean to New England!

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Featured Exhibits:

Flamingo Box2

Flamingo Flats

Begin your journey to the Caribbean in our walk-through aviary, Flamingo Flats. Here, you’ll be greeted by this striking feathered flock, and even have the opportunity to feed them. This exhibit will also feature scarlet ibis and colorful macaws. Guests will have the rare opportunity to see the critically-endangered Jamaican iguana, the island's largest terrestrial vertebrate which was thought to be extinct for decades.

Bushdog Box

Bush Dog Exhibit

The new bush dog exhibit, the only one in New England, will feature a pair of bush dogs. Listed as a near threatened species by IUCN, these small mammals can be found in extreme eastern Central America and northern South America, south to Paraguay and northeastern Argentina. Formidable hunters, their size and shape make them uniquely adapted for life on the forest floor, while their webbed feet make them good swimmers.
Flamingoyoga Box

Calypso Trail

Along the Calypso Trail, guests can rock and stroll to the rhythm of the islands. Try your hand at a few Caribbean percussion instruments, or strike a pose (like the "one-leg stand shown here) at a flamingo yoga post. Here, you can mimic flamingo behavior while learning about the importance of this bird’s unique behavioral adaptations.

Boylei Box

Fiesta Gardens

Located off the Calypso Trail, Fiesta Gardens is an outdoor multi-use space that will be used for educational programming, special events and private rentals.