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Freshly baked cheese OR pepperoni pizzas served with cheesy bread sticks, apple wedges and Mandarin oranges. Vanilla and chocolate pudding for dessert.

Petite Hamburgers, hot dogs OR all-natural chicken tenders served with your choice of tater tots OR mac n cheese, as well as apple wedges and mandarin oranges. Accompanied by all the condiments along with vanilla and chocolate pudding for dessert.

Add-On Items

All meals must be paid in advance two full weeks prior to event date.

Animal encounters cannot take place between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m.


By submitting your rental request, you are stating that you have read the following Guidelines & Requirements and agree to follow them.


Party organizers will supply their own cake. Refrigeration will not be provided by the Zoo for food. Organizers may enter their venue 30 minutes prior to their event for their own set up.

THERE ARE NO BALLOONS, ANY OTHER INFLATBLES, OR THROWING OBJECTS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED IN THE ZOO. Please ask about any other items before making your own favor bags to hand out to your guests prior to the event.

The time of your party is for eating cake and singing Happy Birthday. You can enjoy the Zoo before and after your party. Animal encounters take place during this rented time. The train and carousel may be enjoyed before or after your event.

A member of the Zoo staff will be on hand to meet, greet and help you settle into the venue. Zoo staff will check on you and your guests during the party but will not be at the venue for the entirety of the event. Please leave all unwanted items on the tables for the Rentals department to properly dispose of for you!

Should your event extend past the agreed-upon scheduled time allotment, you will be charged at a premium rate for additional time.

Animal encounters are subject to the weather and the animal's health and are therefore not guaranteed. You will be informed of any changes prior to your event. Please note, animal encounters cannot take place between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m.

All packages must be paid in full upon booking date.
All additional admission tickets must be paid in advance two weeks prior to event date.