Please note: Volunteers, Zoo employees and local emergency responders will take part in a routine animal escape drill on Wednesday, April 26 at Franklin Park Zoo, and Thursday, April 27 at Stone Zoo. These routine drills are an important part of our preparedness training. While the drill is occurring, guests will be able to participate in the evacuation portion, and may be asked to move to certain areas within the Zoo for a brief period of time (not to exceed 10 minutes). We are very dedicated to safety and we appreciate your participation. If you have any questions about what to expect, please do not hesitate to contact us at 617-989-2000 or


Bird's World Patio

Opened in 1913 and inspired by Asian historical architecture, Bird’s World is one of Franklin Park Zoo's original buildings.


Franklin Park Zoo (Outdoor/Not Tented)


140 people seated or 300 cocktail style reception


Evenings, April through October

Venue Price

$1,300 all-day rental
(Zoo members and non-profit groups receive 10% discount off of total venue price.)

Suggested Event

Contact us for full details!