Educational Programs

Here at the Zoo, or we'll come to you!

Zoo New England educational programming includes live animal encounters, content that meets teachers’ specific needs, curricula aligned with National Science Education Standards, Massachusetts State Education Framework and Boston Public Schools’ Learning Standards for grades K-12.

Packages of multiple outreaches and on-site programs are available at a discounted rate. Contact us for more details!

Topics Include:

Animal Adaptations Endangered Species
Animal Classification Life Cycles
Animal Senses Wildlife Conservation
Ecosystems Zoo Careers
Habitats And many more!

Snapshot from our Educational Program listing:

  • Adaptations: In this program students will observe animals and determine how they’re able to eat, move and protect themselves. To illustrate the different ways animals have adapted to stay alive, students will engage in age-appropriate activities to investigate the general adaptations of reptiles, birds, mammals and invertebrates.
  • Ecosystems: What’s an ecosystem? How is it different from a habitat? In this program we’ll explore how living and non-living things interact to create and maintain an ecosystem. We’ll also meet some ecosystem representatives and learn about their niches.
  • Endangered Species: What does endangered mean? How does it happen and what can you do to help save some of the world’s greatest treasures? We’ll answer all these questions in our interactive live-animal presentation.

View our full listing of educational program options and pricing (PDF)

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for more information on our educational programs or to book an on- or off-site program.


Do we need to put down a deposit for our school’s program?

No, we don’t require a deposit for school educational programs, however we require programming to be paid for before the school’s program begins, even if only by purchase order. 

Do you have grants to help us pay for our program?

We often have grants to help cover costs for Title 1 Schools.  Please ask when booking your program.

If my school group is large, is there a difference in prices?

Yes, if your group has more than 30 children attending one program, we consider it an assembly, so there’s a different price structure.  We recommend your group be split into groups with under 30 children per program to reduce the costs to you and to allow for a better student-to-teacher ratio.

Do you have programs that come to our school?

Yes, we offer educational programs that travel to schools throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.  If your school is located more than 15 miles away, there will be an additional one-way charge of $1.25 per mile measured from the Zoo closest to your location.  We try to bring live animals to every program, but we will need to know whether there are animals already living in the classroom where we’ll be teaching.

If it rains, do you still hold educational programs for our school on-site or off-site?

Yes, we try to run the programs rain or shine.  If you need to reschedule, please try to give us as much notice as possible, and we’ll try to accommodate your group.  If school or the Zoos are closed due to weather, we’ll reschedule your program at no cost. 

Can teachers request certain animals for their program?

Due to the animals’ availability and health, we can make no guarantees as to which animals we bring. Animals we bring align with the program topic and information covered.