Party for the Planet!
Earth Day celebration, Sunday, April 21 at Franklin Park Zoo

James Lambert III was born in Newark, NJ and raised in Germantown, Maryland. Mr. Lambert attended Assumption College, from which he earned both his BA and MBA. Following college, he served four years as an elementary educator in Math and Science for the Boston Renaissance Charter School. He currently works for Roxbury Community College as the Communications Coordinator consulting in Project Management, Marketing, Event Planning and Mentorship. On the other side of his Communications background, James emcee's dozens of shows ranging from step & fashion to sold out concerts, interviews local and mainstream talent and has begun a business entitled 'Urban Night Out' (U.N.O.). James is a huge youth and environmental advocate that believes "Dreaming is the Beginning of Success!" 


Chloe Maxmin
Chloe is a Sophomore at Harvard College concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Environmental Science and Public Policy. Chloe founded the Climate Action Club at her high school and galvanized the green movement in her school and the mid-coast Maine community. Her achievements as a youth activist were recognized both nationally and internationally. She also founded First Here, Then Everywhere ( Chloe is currently a coordinator for Divest Harvard and works with environmental groups on and off campus.

Erica Farrell
Erica has worked in Zoo New England's animal care department for several years, beginning as a zookeeper in Franklin Park Zoo's Tropical Forest focusing on the gorilla troop. She is now a lead zookeeper in the Tropical Forest. Erica was the first recipient of a grant from the Jonathan Gilmour Memorial Scholarship Fund, which helped to fund her participation at Pandrillus' Drill Rehabilitation & Breeding Center. She volunteered at Pandrillus' Afi Mountain field site for six months, where she managed the keepers who cared for 24 sub-adult and adult chimpanzees. Her focus was on the 14 chimps that temporarily lived in an outdoor holding area while Pandrillus expanded their original semi-wild enclosure. The chimps needed extra attention and enrichment during that time. She also assisted Dr. Kathy L. Wood with the Drill Re-introduction Project, and helped with data collection and equipment testing. 

Srijesa Khasnabish 
Srijesa is a senior at Lexington High School in Lexington, MA. Her interest in the environment began freshmen year after watching the ACE presentation, which radically changed her perspective on climate change and her role in the climate movement. Inspired, she joined her school’s Action Team, GWAC (Global Warming Action Coalition), became the ACE Ambassador, participated in multiple ACE trainings, and spearheaded GWAC’s “Carbon Cut-Down Day,” getting students at Lexington High to pledge to come to school in an environmentally-friendly way. 

Now in her second year as an ACE Youth Rep, Srijesa has taken on the reins as GWAC’s President and has helped to catalyze a number of projects in her school and community.  This past winter Srijesa  organized a green fundraiser called Band Night and is currently working on establishing a school-wide composting system. In addition, Srijesa helped to start a  school vegetable garden last summer and has recently won approval for student grown produce to be used in school lunches.

Outside of GWAC, Srijesa has helped grow the youth climate movement by serving as ACE’s social media assistant during the Forward on Climate Rally and by speaking at events like Boston Latin School’s YouthCAN Climate Summit and 350 Massachusetts’  Vigil to End Climate Silence.  Most recently, Srijesa  served as a youth panelist  at the Massachusetts Climate Action Network Conference. 

Today, Srijesa feels like a true leader and is motivated to share her passion and spark change throughout the New England region. Her work as a Youth Rep has allowed her to develop strong speaking and leadership skills, which she now incorporates in every facet of her life.  As she heads to college in the Fall, Srijesa feels confident that she will continue to make climate advocacy a central part of her life. Currently, she’s thinking of becoming an environmental lawyer.