Snow leopard cubs, Pandora and Naphisa with mom, Kira

Wild Cat Day

Stone Zoo

Saturday, November 3, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Go WILD for Stone Zoo’s big cats as we spotlight our cougar and snow leopards! Guests are invited to learn more about these felines and hear from specialists Ken Miller of The Cougar Network and Jennifer Snell-Rullman of The Snow Leopard Trust.

Don’t miss your chance to see the adorable snow leopard cubs in action on exhibit! We'll also be offering big cat-themed crafts and activities throughout the day.

Committed to Conservation

  • ZNE participates in the Cougar and Snow Leopard Species Survival Plans, a cooperative, inter-zoo program that helps ensure the survival of species in zoos and aquariums. More
  • We're a member of the Snow Leopard Trust’s Natural Partnership Program (NPP), contributing funds to support research and programs aimed at protecting snow leopards and their natural habitat. More
  • Through our Quarters for Conservation program, Zoo New England has provided financial support to the Cougar Network.

For Wild Cat Connoisseurs

Snowleopardmombaby ZoodoptIn celebration of the new cubs, we’re offering this adorable zoodopt parent and baby pair for a limited time only. Zoodopts support the care and feeding of our animals, and with each purchase, we'll bring a little of the Zoo to you! Zoodopt today!

Snowleopardmask BoxCome dressed for the occasion! Visit our Kids' Corner to print your own snow leopard mask!