Physical Environment

Naturalistic exhibits and the addition of novel items help to evoke all types of natural behaviors and prevent inactivity. Exhibit and holding areas are equipped with climbing structures, perches, ropes, hammocks and tire swings to encourage an active lifestyle similar to one they would experience in their natural environment. Other examples include:

  • Pools for swimming or mud holes for wallowing

  • A variety of substrates for digging

  • Novel objects to investigate

  • "Toys" called boomer balls, specially made to withstand the jaws and claws of zoo animals, as well as rubber tubs, phonebooks, Little Tikes/Step2 outdoor toys, and paper maché piñatas





Pictured above from left: A black palm cockatoo investigates a pinata, a tiger swims in his pool, and a North American river otter plays with a boomer ball.

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