Sensory Enrichment

Sensory abilities are highly developed in most animals. Keen eyesight helps predators find prey. Acute hearing can detect an impending threat. Some animals use their sense of taste for bonding with young. The sense of smell is also important for marking and recognizing territories.

Sensory enrichment can be provided in various ways:
 -Scents, such as spices, perfumes and animal urine
 -Different textures such as straw, soft blankets, paper and wood shavings
 -Playing recordings of animal vocalizations or other nature sounds
 -Placing elevated platforms and perches to allow visual access to other exhibits, animals and activities
 -Incorporating simulated prey items into predator exhibits to encourage stalk and chase behaviors 

In the wild, gorillas make nests out of leaves and branches every night to sleep. Our gorillas love to cover themselves with blankets and will also make nests out of hay or paper for taking mid-day naps.

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