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Zoo Guidelines

The Zoo is a fun place for both children and adults, with lots to see and explore. Please adhere to the following guidelines while visiting the Zoo:


  •    Please do not feed or allow children to feed any of the animals in the Zoo's collection.

   Each animal is on a specially enriched diet prescribed by the Zoo's professionally 

   trained veterinarian staff that keeps it healthy and fit. Things that people might

   find good and healthy or even harmless might be very harmful to the animals.

  •    Please do not throw anything into the animal exhibits. Even the simplest object

   can be hazardous if swallowed.

  •    Please try to stay on the pathways and do not place children on the railings.
  •    Rough housing and heavy horseplay, as well as running around or screaming, is

   discouraged as it bothers other guests and the animals in the collection.

  •    The tormenting of any of the animals is not tolerated and guests found doing so

   will be asked to leave immediately.

  •   Any theft or destruction of Zoo property will result in prosecution to the fullest

   extent allowed by the law.


Lost Children

If you become separated from your child, please contact the nearest Zoo employee and notify them. Zoo staff will need a general description of what your child was wearing, their name, age, sex, and the area you last saw them. This will be relayed to our security officers and other Zoo staff and we will begin an immediate search.


We do not have a general PA system throughout the park. If you do not see an employee nearby, please head to the nearest admissions booth. If a child is found we will have them taken to our administrative building to await you. Resolutions not resolved after 30 minutes are referred to the local police.


First Aid

There is no assigned nurse or medical facility on grounds. We do provide basic first aid supplies when requested by an adult. We do not give out pills of any sort. Basic medications may be purchased at our gift shop. When requested, EMT services can be called to the Zoo.


Lost and Found

The Zoo does maintain a lost and found but the Zoo is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Items and articles found by our staff or visitors are kept for a minimum of 30 days when turned in. After 30 days, the Zoo reserves the right to dispose of said items at the Zoo's discretion. If you arrive at home and discover that you are missing anything please call 617-989-2000 to check if has been turned in. We will need an exact description of the item along with your name and a number you can be reached at. If we have the item, we will call you back to arrange a pick-up time that is convenient for you.



There is no charge to park at the Zoo. (Please note: The Zoo is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.)



Pets are not allowed on Zoo grounds in order to protect the health and safety of our animals and your pets. Service dogs trained to perform specific tasks are allowed. Please do not leave your pets in your parked vehicle while visiting the Zoo.
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