Natalya Zahn
2013 Zoo New England Marathon Runner

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      Natalya Zahn is a natural illustrator and designer deeply inspired by all things animal. Originally from the green mountains of Vermont, she studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design. Well-versed in traditional and digital media, and passionate about biology, zoology and anatomy, she has collaborated on projects with clients including the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, National Geographic and McSweeney’s. 

      A traveler with a love of exotic natural history, Natalya has sketched kangaroos in the outback of Australia, observed rare Takake birds in their native New Zealand, and scoured Tokyo fish markets for marine inspiration. She is also a storyteller - her naturalist’s blog, explores the intersections of art, design and science through illustration, photography and writing.


      In 2011, after a year of sketchbook visits to Franklin Park Zoo, she self-published her first fully-illustrated animal book, titled “Tropical Forest”: an informal catalogue of some of the FPZ’s most fascinating inhabitants.


      Natalya spends inordinate amounts of time seeking out animals to study and draw, always bringing her sketchbooks back to her studio in Somerville, MA where her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Oscar, comes to work with her every day.



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