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Why Zoodopt?

Did you know that it costs more than $248 to feed our adult giraffes for one day? Each year our Zoos spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on hay, grain, produce and other special diets to feed our animals. Through your generosity, Zoodoption helps us to defray some of these costs and provide excellent food, care and enrichment for all of our animals.


You can Zoodopt any of Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo's amazing animals, from tall to small, but we only have plush versions for some of them. For more information, please call 617-989-2076.


Choose from the packages below:







Senior Zookeeper


Lead Zookeeper




Recognition in the Bird's World Exhibit at Franklin Park Zoo


Zoodoption certificate, animal fact sheet, photograph, stickers and window decal


Adorable plush animal*


Invitations to annual Zoodopter Picnic

   2  4  8

Transferrable single use admission passes to Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo

   2  4  8

Behind-the-scenes tour for the animal area of your choice!


Exclusive adoption for one of our animals.  Be the only Curator Zoodopter all year!



*Plushes are not available for all animals. Please call 617-989-2076 to check availability.

Subject to restrictions, call 617-989-2076 for details.


To order, click here or call 617-989-2076.