Homeschool Programs at Both Zoos!

Zoo New England offers homeschool classes for children ages 6 – 12 at both zoos!
Classes run from 10:30 – 12:30 and do not include Zoo Admission.  For more details or to register, please contact the Education Department at 617-989-3742 or via e-mail.

Pricing for Stone Zoo: $50 per series for Members, $60 per series for Non-members (proof of membership required). 
$180 for all four series for Members, $200 for all four series for Non-members.
Register for all 4 series

Pricing for Franklin Park Zoo:  $100 for Fall series for Members, $120 for Fall series for Non-members; $125 for Spring series for Members, $150 for Spring series for Non-members. 
For both series, $185 for Members, $225 for Non-members (proof of membership required).
 Register for Fall and Spring series
**Additional discounts available for multiple children from the same family.


Thursdays in February*, March and April (10 weeks) – Habitats and Ecosystems at Franklin Park Zoo
(*There will be no class on February 20.  Class dates are February 6 – April 17.)
Just like every person’s home looks different, animal homes and habitats look different too. The Arctic is different from the tropics and the forest is different than a grassland. However, just like everyone can get everything they need from their home, every animal’s habitat has everything they need in order to survive. In this ten week series, we’ll travel the world of habitats and ecosystems at Franklin Park Zoo and beyond.


Tuesdays in March (4 weeks) – Habitats, Ecosystems, Biomes & Cycles at Stone Zoo
Wildlife biology is one of the most common but complicated subjects a biologist can study. Come along with us as we talk about a single animal’s habitat, expand to the interconnectedness of an ecosystem, the global commonalities of biomes and the abiotic cycles that link them all together.