Franklin Park Zoo’s 2012 PreZOOdential candidate:


Gigi, western lowland gorilla
Platform: Enrichment for all Zoo animals


At 39 years old, Gigi is the oldest of the eight western lowland gorillas at Franklin Park Zoo and she would bring a wealth of experience to the role of Zoo President.


Gigi makes her home inside the Tropical Forest which boasts one of the most innovative and intimate indoor gorilla exhibits in the world. The space features a variety of enrichment opportunities for Gigi and the other gorillas. Environmental enrichment encourages animals to use their natural abilities and behaviors to interact with their environment. Zookeepers use novelty foods, sounds, smells, boxes, bags, and toys to provide activities that excite all the senses. Throughout the campaign, Gigi would like to stress the importance of enrichment for all of the animals at the Zoo.


Photo courtesy of Robert Klein.