Franklin Park Zoo’s 2012 PreZOOdential candidate:



Isidoro, Brazilian ocelot
Platform: Habitat conservation


Isidoro, a Brazilian ocelot, has lived at Franklin Park Zoo for many years and he is an incredible ambassador for his species. If elected, Isidoro promises to continue advocating for the importance of habitat protection and wildlife conservation.


Franklin Park Zoo, which has exhibited Brazilian ocelots since 2003, is a member of the Brazilian Ocelot Consortium (BOC). The consortium was initiated in 2002 as a collaborative effort of the Brazilian Ocelot Species Survival Plan (SSP) and a Brazilian non-governmental conservation organization. Since its founding, the BOC has made great strides in achieving its primary conservation goals, which include gradually replacing the generic (mixed species) ocelots within the captive population with Brazilian ocelots through a combination of natural breeding and assisted reproduction. In addition to captive management, the BOC has focused considerable resources on ocelot conservation field work in Brazil.


Franklin Park Zoo also participates in the Brazilian Ocelot SSP, which is designed to maintain a genetically diverse and demographically stable captive population. Isidoro and PJ have had four kittens which has been an important contribution to the captive population.


In the wild, Brazilian ocelots, which are noted for their beautiful spotted coats, are threatened by deforestation, habitat destruction and the fur trade.