Preserving Wildlife Locally and Abroad

We have some very exciting news to share!
Just recently, we welcomed local non-profit Grassroots Wildlife Conservation Gwclogo Box(GWC) into the Zoo New England family. We're deeply committed to saving wildlife and wild places both locally and abroad. This merger is in perfect alignment with our strategic plan, and by combining our skills and resources, we'll work to fulfill our mission of saving animals from extinction in a much deeper and more impactful way. We look forward to sharing ways that you can get involved through exciting citizen science opportunities right here in your own backyard.
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Beyond the exhibit

Walk through our Zoo gates, and you’ll see a brilliant display of animals from all corners of the globe. But zoos are so much more. Beyond each exhibit lies a deep commitment to the conservation and preservation of its inhabitants. Beyond each exhibit, we’re watching, we’re learning, and we’re sharing. Animals in our collection play a vital part in the survival of their species. What we observe about animal behavior, health and reproduction, we’re sharing with other zoos and conservationists. Zoo research has led to breakthrough advancements in tools, technologies and medicines used in the field.

Leave our Zoo gates, and you take our mission with you. That fun fact you just learned about the snow leopard or that quiet moment you witnessed as a gorilla mother pulled her baby toward her -- we ask you to share this with others. Help in our mission to inspire others to protect and sustain the natural world. Help us go beyond the exhibit.