Here in New England

Zoo New England is committed to the preservation of the natural world, including what’s right in our own backyard. And it’s not hard to miss. With a rich natural diversity including lakes, rivers, forests, alpine mountains, the Atlantic coast, and a perpetual regeneration that four seasons bring, New England wildlife abounds.

Blanding's Turtle Project

Each fall, Stone Zoo hosts a group of Blanding’s turtle hatchlings, giving them a “head-start” on long-term survival.


About one-third of the world’s amphibian species is on the brink of extinction. It’s critical that we monitor the frog population, as these creatures play a key role in balancing our ecosystem.

Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Restoration Project

We're committed to protecting the future of the Karner blue butterfly in New Hampshire, one of the few remaining states where it survives.

Neponset River Watershed Association

Zoo New England's Quarters for Conservation Program supports the work of the Neponset River Watershed Association to stop water pollution and restore fish and wildlife habitats.