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Quarters for Conservation

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We not only support the conservation and sustainability of wildlife within our Zoo – we're passionate about putting our resources towards goals that matter. Along with a Zoo admission ticket, each guest receives “Quarters for Conservation” tokens at the admission booth. Head to one of our kiosks (located at all Zoo entrances) to cast your vote for conservation projects you’d like the Zoo to support.

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Check out our current conservation projects below. Can’t decide which project to vote for? Visit and vote again to support another amazing cause!

The Projects

Cheetah Box

Cheetah Conservation Fund

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is devoted to protecting the declining numbers of cheetahs. Primary activities include:

  • Monitoring and detection of cheetah activity
  • Research into developmental health of cheetah populations
  • Protection of cheetah habitats
  • Educating the public about the benefits of conservation

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Visit our Keepers' Corner to learn more about Assistant Curator, Chris Bartos, and her work with Finn, CCF's first ever scat detection dog.

Cougar Box

The Cougar Network

The Cougar Network works to preserve and understand North America’s cougars by conserving their rapidly dwindling habitat and identifying the roles they play in local ecosystems. They achieve this through outreach to schools, researchers, government organizations and other conservation groups.

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Salamandermarbled Box

Grassroots Wildlife Conservation

Grassroots Wildlife Conservation (GWC) works to inspire people to contribute to the conservation of wildlife in their own backyards. One of GWC’s current focuses is the reintroduction of the marbled salamander, a species that has not been spotted in Massachusetts since the 1930’s. The organization seeks to relocate collected salamanders to the forests of Northeastern Massachusetts once their metamorphosis has begun.

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Mandrill Box

Jane Goodall Institute

The Jane Goodall Institute is committed to the conservation of apes and monkeys all over the world. The Mandrill Release Program, one of the Institute's many projects, rescues mandrills from the illegal pet trade, rehabilitates them, and then releases them into the wild when they are ready. The health of newly released mandrills is then monitored and recorded.

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