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• Stone Zoo's Bird Show will be closed from June 22-24.
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Eric Kilby

Quarters for Conservation

We not only support the conservation and sustainability of wildlife within our Zoo — we're passionate about putting our resources towards goals that matter. To that end, 25 cents from every admission ticket and $2.50 from every membership is used to support wildlife conservation across the globe. Here's a look at the current projects that your visit helps support.

Bat Box 

Bat Conservation International

Bat Conservation International is committed to achieving lasting conservation plans for the most endangered bat species in the world. This involves putting an end to the major threats bats face, such as hunting, habitat loss and disease, as well as conducting more research on bat species in the wild. Despite having the reputation of being scary, bats are great pest controllers, pollinators and seed dispersers, and their conservation is extremely important.

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GRACE-Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education

The mission of GRACE is to provide care for rescued Grauer’s gorillas and to protect their habitat in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Habitat loss for mining and expansion, poaching and the illegal pet trade are all major threats to the Grauer’s gorilla, contributing to a population decline of up to 75% since the 1960s. The end goal of this project is the reintroduction of rescued Grauer’s gorillas back into the wild.

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Pangolin Box 

IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group

In both Africa and Asia, pangolins are hunted for their meat and for their scales, which are used in traditional medicines. In some regions, pangolin populations have decreased by as much as 94%, and in others they have disappeared entirely. Pangolin Specialist Group's goal is to conduct research on wild pangolins and the impact these threats have on their populations in order to establish a successful conservation plan.

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Tapir1 Box 

Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative

Lowland tapir populations have seen serious declines over the past decade due to habitat destruction and hunting. The Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative conducts research on tapir populations and looking at ways of conserving the habitat in which they live. This initiative hopes that, by protecting the lowland tapirs, other species living in this habitat will also be protected.

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