Quarters for Conservation

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We not only support the conservation and sustainability of wildlife within our Zoo – we're passionate about putting our resources towards goals that matter. Along with a Zoo admission ticket, each guest receives “Quarters for Conservation” tokens at the admission booth. Head to one of our kiosks (located at all Zoo entrances) to cast your vote for conservation projects you’d like the Zoo to support.

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Check out our current conservation projects below. Can’t decide which project to vote for? Visit and vote again to support another amazing cause!

The Projects

Zebragrevy Box

Grevy’s Zebra Trust

The Grevy’s Zebra Trust conserves the endangered Grevy’s zebra and its fragile habitat in partnership with African communities. Primary activities include:

  • Employing the local community to protect and monitor Grevy’s zebras
  • Encouraging local conservation stewardship through training workshops
  • Supporting habitat restoration through planned livestock grazing
  • Promoting dry season water management
  • Supporting secondary school education for pastoral children
  • Engaging in research projects focusing on zebra conservation
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Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership

The Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership is protecting Madagascar’s last 10% of forest through research, education and outreach. Primary activities include:

  • Monitoring endangered lemurs
  • Using education to promote reforestation
  • Promoting alternate fuel stoves
  • Engaging in endangered tortoise research
  • Supporting lemur reintroduction and community conservation credit programs. These programs reward participation in conservation efforts with credits towards sustainable tools.
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Treekangaroo Box

Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program

The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program fosters wildlife and habitat conservation and supports local community livelihoods in Papua New Guinea through global partnerships, land protection and scientific research. Primary activities include establishing and sustaining the country’s first nationally-recognized conservation area for tree kangaroos and managing a base of local rangers to collect environmental data in the area.

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New England Wildlife Center

New England Wildlife Center is the only comprehensive wildlife hospital in the metro-Boston area that provides care for sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. They use this care as a real-life and engaging platform to teach the life sciences, with a strong focus on biology, to students K-12 and to provide hands-on training in veterinary medicine to undergraduate students nationally and internationally.

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