Please be advised that on April 25 at Franklin Park Zoo and April 26 at Stone Zoo, we will be conducting a routine animal escape drill. These drills are an important part of our preparedness training. While the drill is occurring, guests will be asked to move to certain areas within the Zoo for a brief period of time (not to exceed 10 minutes). We will do our best to have minimal impact on the guest experience. We are very dedicated to safety and we appreciate your participation. If you have any questions about what to expect, please do not hesitate to contact us at 617-989-2000 or


Baird's Tapirs

Species Survival Plans

SnowleopardfeatureZoos and aquariums play a leading role in preserving animal populations across the globe. Zoo New England is an active participant in a number of Species Survival Plans (SSP), aimed at managing and conserving typically threatened or endangered animal populations.

In cooperation with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), each SSP carefully manages the breeding of species --maintaining population Studbooks and Breeding and Transfer Plans-- to maintain a genetically healthy and demographically stable captive population. Public education, research and partnerships with scientists in the field are vital components in any potential reintroduction program.

By sharing research and knowledge, participating institutions work together to establish guidelines that best ensure the health of captive populations, and with success, the survival of otherwise extinct species.

Zoo New England participates in the following SSPs:

African Crested Porcupine
African pygmy falcon
Andean condor
Azure-winged magpie
Baird's tapir
Bali mynah
Bearded barbet
Bearded emperor tamarin
Black crake
Black-handed spider monkey
Blue-bellied roller
Boat-billed heron
Brazilian agouti
Cabot's tragopan
Canada lynx
Caribbean flamingo
Chacoan peccary
Chilean flamingo
Cotton-top tamarin
Crested guineafowl
Greater roadrunner
Green aracari
Grevy's zebra
Guereza colobus
Hadada ibis
Hooded crane
Hyacinth macaw
Inca tern
Jamaican iguana
Kori bustard
Laughing kookaburra
Linne's two-toed sloth
Marbled teal duck
Masai giraffe
Mexican gray wolf
North American porcupine
North American river otter
North Island brown kiwi
Pygmy hippopotamus
Red kangaroo
Red panda
Red river hog
Red-breasted goose
Red-crested turaco
Red-crowned crane
Rhinoceros hornbill
Ring-tailed lemur
Rock hyrax
Ruppell's griffon vulture
Saddle-billed stork
Scaly-sided merganser
Scarlet ibis
Seba's short-tailed leaf-nosed bat
Snow leopard
Southern ground hornbill
Spotted hyena
Spotted turtle
Wattled crane
Western lowland gorilla
White-bearded wildebeest
White-cheeked gibbon
White-nosed coati
Whooping crane
White-naped crane
Yellow-billed stork
Yellow-rumped cacique