plan your visit Zoo Rules


For the safety and comfort of other visitors and Zoo animals, the following rules are in effect while you are visiting the Zoo:


Children must always be in the company of adults.


For school groups or summer camps, there must be one chaperone over the age of 19 for every ten children or teenagers 18-years-old and younger. There must be one chaperone for every five pre-school children. Chaperones must stay with their group at all times. There is no exception to this rule. Groups found without the proper supervision will be asked to leave and a report will be sent to the school or camp.


The Zoo does not have public storage facilities and no items may be left in the care of Zoo employees or left unattended on Zoo grounds. The Zoo is not responsible for items left unattended and will dispose of abandoned items when necessary.


Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.


Visitors are permitted to bring their own lunches and food into the Zoo. If you do choose to bring your own food, please follow these rules:

  •  No glass containers of any sort 
  • No alcohol of any kind
  • No straws

Please help to keep the Zoo neat by depositing refuse in the proper containers. To help with our conservation efforts, please deposit plastic and aluminum cans in the Zoo’s recycling receptacles.


For the safety of our Zoo collection, pets or animals of any kind are not allowed on Zoo grounds at anytime. Guests who rely on service animals are welcome to bring them into the Zoo, provided the animals remain under the guest's control at all times. Guests are solely responsible for the care and control of their animals.


We ask the following items not be brought on Zoo grounds:


-Bicycles -Balloons -Roller Blades/Skates
-Scooters -Alcohol -Skateboards
-Balls -Frisbees -Radios
-Kites -Squirt Guns -Heelys