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ZooLights is Sold Out on Friday, Dec. 9 & Saturday, Dec. 10. Sunday tickets are still available!

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African Lion

December Programs

Looking to Go WILD while school is out? Join us for our December Programs, where we'll explore the natural world. Each day will be filled with fun games and experiments, up-close animal encounters, and behind-the-scenes tours while we learn about the Zoo!

Pre-Registration Required

Each day is a unique session focusing on its own theme, so you can join us for one day, or all five! Sessions are broken up into two age groups: 5-7 and 8-10. Taught by Zoo educators, classes include hands-on activities, discussion, animal encounters and behind-the-scenes experiences. Programs include progressive program topics focused on teaching students about animals and their interactions within their ecosystems.

Register: Stone Zoo Register: Franklin Park Zoo


Members: $65
Non-Members: $75

Program Details:

Ages 5 - 7: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Up to 12 participants)
Ages 8 - 10: 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. (Up to 15 participants)

Monday (12/26): Exploring Habitats
Deserts, tundras, and rainforests, oh my! Get ready to dive in to habitats across the globe with the whole class and spend some time getting more specific to one habitat of your choosing!

Tuesday (12/27): In the Zoo’s Kitchen!
Have you ever wondered what zoo animals eat each day? And who prepares their meals? In today’s program we’re going to learn all about what happens in our Zoo’s kitchen, and maybe we’ll even prepare a diet or two!

Wednesday (12/28): Zoo Dun it??
Put on your investigation hats, we’re solving a mystery! In today’s program we’re putting your detective skills and animal knowledge to the test!

Thursday (12/29): Protecting Wildlife
If you love wildlife, nature, animals and everything in between, but aren’t sure what you can do to help, then this is the program for you! Today, we'll spend time learning about wildlife who need our help and what we can do protect them.

Friday (12/30): Animal-Inspired Inventions
The natural world is full of inspiration! Let’s take a closer look at the animal inventors who inspire people each day!

Class Size and Safety Information:

Classes are limited to 12 participants for 5-7-year-old’s, and 15 participants for 8-10-year-old’s. Classes are held indoors, with certain activities and zoo walks held outdoors. Mask-wearing during our program for all participants and staff is optional, but recommended.

When indoors, all children will be seated at least 3 feet from each other. We encourage thorough hand-washing, and will provide opportunities to wash and sanitize hands throughout the program.

Due to new COVID-19 regulations, we are not able to offer opportunities to touch ambassador animals.

Please note, parent/guardian and unregistered friend/sibling attendance is not permitted.