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Homeschool Classes

Join us this winter for our EDZOOCATION programs offered throughout January, February and March! We offer a variety of age-appropriate educational programming for homeschooled students at both Stone Zoo and Franklin Park Zoo. Taught by Zoo educators, classes include hands-on activities, discussion, animal encounters and behind-the-scenes experiences. Each semester includes progressive program topics focused on teaching students about animals and their interactions within their ecosystems.

January: Around the World

This month, we'll explore the different habitats around the world!

  • Week 1: Tropics
    Our first stop is the tropics, where we’ll learn about rainforest animals and their amazing adaptations
  • Week 2: Desert
    This week, we’ll be staying where it's warm as we explore desert habitats and how animals can survive in such a tough environment
  • Week 3: Arctic
    Learn all about the different ways arctic animals stay warm and how to spot animal tracks in the snow!
  • Week 4: Backyard
    For our last week, we're bringing it back to Massachusetts, where we’ll learn about animals who might be our neighbors!

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February: Full STEAM Ahead

Learn all about STEAM topics this month, and how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math all play a role in both the animal world and the Zoo!

  • Week 1: Ecosystem Engineers
    In our first week, we’ll learn about animal engineers and the ways they change their environment
  • Week 2: Locomotion and Movement
    From flying to slithering to floating, this week is all about the journey! We’ll be focusing on the ways animals move this week.
  • Week 3: Color and Art
    We’ll take a look at some of the colors and patterns in the animal world.
  • Week 4: Science and Math
    What do animal diets, enrichment, and Zoo exhibits all have in common? They require some science and math. This week, we’re learning about what goes into keeping animals healthy here at the Zoo.
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March: Jr. ZooKeepers

  • Week 1: Behaviors
    Understanding animal behavior is an important part of being a zookeeper! We’ll start off our Jr. ZooKeeper training learning how to observe and understand what animals do.
  • Week 2: Diets
    Our animals eat LOTS of food here at the Zoo! In Week 2, we'll get a chance to see how food gets prepared and what different Zoo animals eat.
  • Week 3: Health
    There's a lot that goes into taking care of animals. This week, we’ll learn about what zookeepers, veterinary staff and visitors do to make sure animals are healthy.
  • Week 4: Enrichment
    Do you have a favorite toy or a smell you love? In our last week of Jr. ZooKeeper training, learn all about enrichment! We'll even get a chance to make enrichment for animals we know!
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