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EdZOOcation is so much fun, we can't BEAR it!

Bill Marquardt

Stone Zoo EdZOOcation Programs

Join us at Stone Zoo for our after-school EdZOOcation sessions offered throughout February, March, April and May! Each 3- or 4-week session focuses on a different theme, and kids get the opportunity to see animals up-close while learning all about them!

These programs are offered to children ages 7-10. Taught by Zoo educators, classes include hands-on activities, discussion, animal encounters and behind-the-scenes experiences. Each program includes progressive program topics focused on teaching students about animals and their interactions within their ecosystems.  

Health & Safety Guidelines

Class Size and Safety Information:
Classes are limited to 12 participants and held indoors, with certain activities and zoo walks held outdoors. All staff are required to wear face coverings at all times, and children will be encouraged to wear theirs at all times as well. While indoors, all children will be seated at least 3 feet from each other. We encourage thorough hand-washing, and will be providing opportunities to wash and sanitize hands throughout the duration of the program. Due to new COVID-19 regulations, we are not able to offer opportunities to touch ambassador animals we will be meeting.

Vaccination Requirements:
Zoo New England is complying with the City of Boston's Vaccine Requirements for programs at both Stone Zoo and Franklin Park Zoo. For March and April sessions, all participants are required to present proof of at least one dose of vaccination against COVID-19. For the May session, all participants are required to present proof of full vaccination against COVID.

Proof of vaccination may include:
· A CDC vaccination card
· A digital image of your CDC card
· An image or printout of any official immunization record
· A city-designated app containing a digital image of any official immunization record, or any verification application developed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or developed or endorsed by the City of Boston.

February: Amazing Adaptations 

February 2, 9, 16, March 2

$130 for members, $145 for non-members

3:00-4:30 pm


February 2: Terrific Tales of Tails

This week we will be discussing how different tails (or lack of!) help animals survive in their habitats.

February 9: Beaks, Teeth, and Tongues
Why are macaw beaks so strong? Why do some geckos have long tongues? We will be chatting all about the different ways that animal mouths help them survive!

February 16: Flippers, Feet, and Fingernails
This week we will be diving in feet-first to the world of flippers, claws, and different types of feet!

March 2: Coats and Coverings
Animal coverings can help them blend in, stand out, stay warm, or stay cool! We will be covering the unique coats, colors, and coverings!

March: What’s for Dinner?

March 9, 16, 23, 30

$130 for members, $145 for non-members

3:00-4:30 pm


March 9: Herbivores
Can you imagine eating kale, carrots and apples every day? We’ll talk about animals who prefer fruits and veggies and how their stomachs are adapted to a plant-based diet!

March 16: Carnivores
Meat – it's what’s for dinner! Today we will be talking all about carnivores and insectivores, and how their teeth, claws, and hunting abilities make them the perfect predators.

March 23: Omnivores
From bears, to raccoons, and even chickens, we will be talking all about different omnivores and their diets during this class.

March 30: Left-overs for the Detritivores
Today we will be talking about the important roles that scavengers and decomposers play!

April: Tracks & Prints

April 6, 13, 27

$100 for members, $110 for non-members

3:00-4:30 pm


April 6: Tracks and Prints
With the melting snow comes so many signs of spring! During this class we will be talking about how we can spot animals in the spring – from tracks in the mud, to nests, to even scat!

April 13: Here Comes the Sun!
It’s time for monarch butterflies and geese to fly back up north! Skunks and groundhogs are waking up from their long winter slumbers! We know what happens as the animals prepare for winter, but what happens as the temperatures start to warm up?

April 27: Backyard Wildlife
This week we will be talking all about the many species we can find right here in Massachusetts! We will even be going on a Backyard Safari around the Zoo to see what native species call the Zoo home!

May: Extraordinary Altitude

May 4, 11, 18, 25

$130 for members, $145 for non-members

3:00-4:30 pm


May 4: Super-Duper Deserts
Despite the hot and dry conditions, you might imagine in the desert, it is actually home to a wide array of insects and animals! Today, we’ll talk about how animals beat the heat of the desert and survive with little water!

May 11: Rainforests Around the World
Rainforests may be found all over the world and on different continents, but they have so much in common! During this class we will talk all about this amazing ecosystem, and what we can do to help protect it!

May 18: Terrific Tundras
How do animals survive in a habitat that is permanently frozen? We will discuss the amazing adaptations that animals have to survive in this harsh habitat!

May 25: Life in the Magnificent Mountains
Did you know that snow leopards can leap over 40 feet, and have a long tail to help them balance? Animals that live in the mountains have some incredible adaptations for living life at a higher altitude!