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crack the case

Crack the Case


U.S. Law Enforcement needs your help! In this whodunnit style game, you'll solve puzzles and piece together clues to discover the who, where, and when of this crime. Your assignment is to prevent the illegal wildlife trade and rescue an animal from trafficking. Grab your detective hat and let’s get cracking! 

Price: $20

Crack the Case!

Your purchase supports the continued growth and operation of Zoo New England, and our mission to protect and preserve the incredible biodiversity on our planet.

Please note:
• Once you purchase the game, please allow one to two business days for the link to be sent.
• The recommended age for this game is 15+, and is best played with 1-4 players depending on level of skill.
• The game can be played on a computer or on a mobile device, and includes a printable version. 

The Suspects