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Wild Shoutouts

Looking for a unique way to send a message to your loved one? Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation, new job, proposal or just a pick-me-up, let our animals be your wingman! We're here to help you celebrate all of life's occasions.  

Stay connected to family and friends while supporting Zoo New England’s animal care! Purchase a personalized Zoo message that's sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Each message is personal and unique, ranging from 30 to 60 seconds, featuring an animal ambassador and member of our care team. You can even share your message with friends and family and post on social media!


  • Red Panda: $40
  • Sloth: $50
  • Eastern screech owl: $40

Two steps for purchase:

  • Step 1: Fill out "Purchase Details" form below with full details
  • Step 2: Make your purchase

Please Note:

  • Messages will be emailed to the selected email address 7-10 days after purchase. If your message is time sensitive, please request your message at least two weeks in advance to ensure timeliness of delivery.
  • Please provide the pronunciation of names and be specific in your messaging. For example: "It is Aimee's (AY-mees) 53rd birthday on June 20th, and we would like to send her and her husband Tomas (Tah-muhs) a message wishing them both well and Happy Birthday to Aimee. Her favorite animal is the lion, and they just came back from Africa."
  • Please download and save your video file. The Zoo will retain files for 30 days from the recording date. After this time, video files are the recipient’s sole property.
  • Videos are for personal use only and cannot be used for the promotion of a business, organization or product.
  • You acknowledge and agree that Zoo New England has sole discretion to determine how to fulfill your request and the content of the video created, and may not follow your request exactly. Zoo New England has sole discretion to reject any request that is deemed objectionable.

Step One: Purchase Details

Step Two: Make Your Purchase


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