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Our Zoos will be closed for all-staff events on the following dates:
Tuesday, Feb. 7: Stone Zoo Closed  •  Thursday, Feb. 9: Franklin Park Zoo Closed
We hope to see you on another day!

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Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience

Franklin Park Zoo

July 22 - October 23, 6:00 - 10:30 p.m.


Boston Lights is now closed for the season. Thank you to everyone who visited to enjoy the beauty of the lights and support the work that we do. Be sure to join our email list for updates on Boston Lights 2023.

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About Boston Lights 2022

Experience the wonder of over 55 magnificent displays comprised of hundreds of beautifully crafted lanterns spanning Franklin Park Zoo's 72 acres. Discover luminous scenes from the rainforest, whimsical ocean displays with creatures of the deep, glowing corridors of lotus and bamboo, traditional Asian lanterns, stunning 66-foot-long rose corridor, and a colossal 82-foot-long octopus tunnel with blinking eyes and color-changing tentacles!

Shining a Light on Biodiversity

Boston Lights shines a light on the importance of conserving the incredible biodiversity on our planet. Visitors to Boston Lights will have the opportunity to learn more about our commitment to conservation and ways that they can participate in wildlife and habitat preservation. 

Lantern Creation

We worked with Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc. on creating these larger-than-life displays at Boston Lights. Each and every lantern involves a labor of love (and skill!) to create. Artisans and skilled professionals work as a team to design full-scale displays, sew and glue colorful fabrics, hand-paint intricate details on each lantern, model and assemble steel frames for each lantern's structure, install thousands of LED light bulbs, and more.

Color a Lantern!

art"In Chinese culture, different colors represent different meanings, and the color choices in some of our lantern displays conforms to these traditions. For example, the color red is a symbol of good fortune and happiness, the color yellow represents power and prosperity, and green stands for eco-friendliness and harmony."

What color combinations would you use to create your own lanterns? Visit the Tianyu website to color your own angel's wings, Asian dragon, and more!
Source: Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc.