Ring-tailed lemur

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo

March 16 & 17, 10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Watch as animals receive green-themed enrichment treats in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! On Saturday, guests can get creative at our arts and crafts station and discover fun animal facts at an education station.

What's Enrichment?

Enrichment can be offered in a variety of different ways, and zookeepers use novelty foods, sounds, smells, boxes, bags, and toys to provide activities that excite all the senses. Environmental enrichment encourages animals to use their natural abilities and behaviors to interact with their environment. Learn more about enrichment and animal care at Zoo New England.


Event Sponsorship
Is your company interested in sponsoring this event? Zoo New England has many different types of packages that will fit your company’s goals. Please contact Audrey Bedoucha at abedoucha@zoonewengland.com or 617-989-2692 for more information.