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Tiger Tales

When the Tiger Tales exhibit opened in 2006, it marked the first time that tigers had been exhibited at Franklin Park Zoo in 30 years. Anala came to the Zoo after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rescued her from owners who were keeping her illegally in neglectful conditions.

Franklin Park Zoo was happy to provide a home for Anala and through her story educate the public about illegal wildlife trafficking. She now enjoys more comfortable, natural conditions, in a woodsy habitat with a stream and plenty of sun and shade.




You can be part of the solution.

From climate change to habitat loss, animals around the world are suffering steep population declines. But in the last decade, illegal poaching has been pushing endangered animals to the brink of extinction. We as consumers can make informed purchasing choices that can change the course of wildlife trafficking. Put simply: if we don't buy it, they'll stop selling it.