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Discover Nature: Trees by Touch

Put your senses to the test! In this nature challenge, discover as many details of a tree as possible—with your eyes closed!


  • Blindfold (you can make this out of a handkerchief or bandana)
  • Trees: Find an outdoor area with at least two trees
  • Two people: Seeker and guider

branch, bark, roots

The Game:

  • Guider: Tie a blindfold over the seeker’s eyes, and slowly spin seeker around two times.
  • Guider: Carefully lead your blindfolded seeker to a tree. Remember to keep your seeker safe from any tripping hazards.
  • Seeker: Start your nature discovery! You have one minute to use your sense of touch (no peeking!) to discover as many details about your tree as possible. What does the bark feel like? Are there any plants near its base? Can you feel roots or branches? How about buds, flowers, leaves, or even sticky sap?
  • Time’s up! Guider, after one minute, lead the seeker carefully away from the tree and back to your original spot.
  • Seeker, remove your blindfold and try to guess which tree you had been led to, now using all your senses.
  • Switch roles and do it again!

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