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Save Water Every Day

  • Scroll through some water-saving tips!


    Tip 1.


    Collect as much laundry as possible before running the washing machine instead of washing small loads.

  • Tip 2.


    Encourage your family members to also save water. Teach them the ways that you save water and ask them to help.

  • Tip 3.


    Collect rainwater or melting snow from outside to water your indoor plants with.

  • Tip 4.


    Help your family pick out plants for your house and garden that are drought-resistant, meaning they won't need as much water to survive as other plants.

    Ask your teachers if they can use drought-resistant plants to decorate your classrooms.

  • Tip 5.


    Fill up the dishwasher completely before running it instead of washing small loads. If hand-washing dishes, plug and fill the sink with soapy water to clean dishes with instead of keeping the sink running.

  • Tip 6.


    Take shorter showers to save water. Use a timer to see if you can finish your shower in under 5 minutes!

  • Tip 7.


    Turn off the sink while you brush your teeth.

  • Tip 8.


    Print out and create a Shower Schedule for your household (craft below) so everyone knows when it's their turn to shower, and they're reminded to save water!

  • Tip 9.


    Share information about saving water with your neighbors, friends and teachers so that they can start saving water, too!

Our planet's fresh water is a precious resource. We use it every day, for drinking, taking showers, growing gardens, and washing dishes. In nature, all plants and animals rely on clean water just like we do. Find ways that you and your family can save water every day in the slides above, and create a family Shower Schedule in the craft below to help you remember to save water when you shower!

Shower Printable ThumbnailShower Schedule Printable Activity

Encourage your household to conserve water every day by scheduling showers on a personalized clock & displaying easy water-saving tips!


  1. Printed Shower Schedule
  2. Printed instructions
  3. Scissors
  4. Brass paper fastener/brad

NOTE: Printing on cardstock or heavy paper may work better than regular paper for this craft.

Download Printable Shower Schedule


Showerprintablestep2 1. Cut out as many name spinners from the top of this page as you need (one per person on the schedule).
Showerprintablestep1 2. Write one name per spinner.
Shower Printable Thumbnail 3. Poke a hole on the X of each spinner using the end of the brad, or your scissors.
4. Fasten your spinners to the clock on your printed Shower Schedule by placing the brad through each of the name spinner Xs, and then through the center of the clock.
5. Keep the brad loose enough to allow spinners to spin.
6. Spin a name to schedule showers!

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