Wood Turtles

Woodturtle BoxZoo New England’s Grassroots Wildlife Conservation has been monitoring wood turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) since 2012 at a wetland just east of Hanscom Airfield, in Concord, MA. To our knowledge, this is the last remaining wood turtle population in Concord, a town where this species was known to be relatively common in the past. In fact, the wood turtle was once the most common freshwater turtle in eastern Massachusetts.

Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology’s founder Louis Agassiz once wrote of the turtle in 1857 that it “is so common in the neighborhood … that I have at times collected over one hundred specimens in an afternoon, aided by a few friends.”

Now wood turtles are listed as a species of Special Concern in Massachusetts and listed as endangered on the IUCN redlist. We are participating in the Northeast Wood Turtle Working Group to collaborate with state and NGO partners on wood turtle conservation efforts in the region.

Wood Turtle Fact Sheet