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Supersized Creatures

Supersized Creatures!

May 7 - September 4, Stone Zoo

Get ready for a larger-than-life experience at Stone Zoo’s Supersized Creatures! special exhibition. As you explore the Zoo grounds, prepare to spot over 30 life-size animal sculptures made from millions of colorful bricks!

General Admission Tickets

Included with general admission.

We’ve supersized some of the world’s small but mighty predators, so be prepared to see them like never before. Come face-to-face with a 370-pound praying mantis, composed of over 38,000 bricks, and slither past a 932-pound spitting cobra, made from 92,000 bricks! Look for more supersized species around every corner, including the assassin bug, honey badger, blue ringed octopus, American kestrel, fattail scorpion, giant tarantula, and more!

Every brick has a part to play

Every animal sculpture you’ll see relies upon thousands of bricks to keep it strong, and each brick has a part to play. Our ecosystem is much the same way—every species, large and small, plays a crucial role in a balanced ecosystem. As species are removed, the system weakens. We invite you to become a biodiversity builder! Join our mission to keep our ecosystem healthy and strong, and supersize your commitment to conservation! 

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