Black Bear

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Sloth Box

Linne's Two-Toed Sloth

Sloth devotees, get ready to hang with these two-toed tree-dwellers! Don't miss out on an up-close and personal look at the world's slowest mammal and learn from the keepers who work with them every day!

  • $200 for 30-minute group tour
  • Ages 6 and up
  • Up to four guests per group

Please note: Sloth tours are not wheelchair accessible.

Bear Box2

Black Bears

This excitement is almost too much to bear! We invite you to learn more about our black bears and hear the personal stories of brothers Smoky and Bubba. Join a zookeeper to take part in a training session and discover for yourself just how clever these bears can be! Groups with young children can also help us create enrichment for the bears to explore and enjoy.

  • $150 for 30-minute group tour
  • No age restriction
  • Up to five guests per group

Please note: Bear tours are available Tuesday - Saturday. They do not take place in a behind-the-scenes location.

 Tour Details

  • Tours are led by knowledgeable Zoo staff
  • Please note age restrictions on each tour
  • Tours operate during Zoo hours (subject to availability, two weeks advance request required)
  • Photos are not permitted behind the scenes
  • Please note, every animal moves at its own special pace, so we can't pre-arrange an animal's activity level or nap schedule for your tour!

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Contact us at education@zoonewengland.org or by phone at 617-989-3742.
Please note: Two weeks advance request required. Tour dates fill quickly and may not be available.


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