Please note: Due to the Caribbean Festival Parade on Sat., August 24, vehicular access and parking will be greatly affected around Franklin Park Zoo. Full details


Franklin Park Zooperheroes

“Zooperheroes” can be found everywhere you look at the Zoo – from the super strength of a gorilla, to the sensational speed of an emu and the shelled shield of the tortoise and beyond. The animals at Boston's Franklin Park Zoo are not only incredible ambassadors for their species, they’re heroic champions of nature with amazing abilities that have an extraordinary impact on the world’s environment.

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Wicked BIG Bug Zooperheroes

Bugs may be mini, but they play mighty roles in our ecosystem. It's amazing how much we rely upon these little guys without even knowing it. Bugs are far from pests—they're our protectors!

In Franklin Park Zoo's Wicked BIG Bug attraction, open Memorial Day through Labor Day, roles will be reversed as you venture through the exhibit and find yourself looking up into the eyes of an 8-foot-tall tarantula, or at the tail of a mighty emperor scorpion looming 15 feet in the air!

These larger-than-life animatronic insects and arachnids include the red-tailed bumblebee, Mexican red knee tarantula, Madagascan sunset moth, meadow grasshopper, emperor scorpion, and many others.

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