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Baird's tapir

Baird's tapir

Oral Health Care Among Species Program

To date, the dental community has assisted in supplying various equipment and technology to help with dental care. We're currently raising funds for an upgraded diagnostic radiology unit that will work for a variety of animals and their various sizes and supplies.

We need your help to move us to the next level, and with each donation, you'll receive a "thank you" from us in a wild way! 


Donate to the Oral Health Care Among Species

Raising funds to support and provide dental health equipment for Zoo New England's animal population now and in the future.

Zoo New England has long been at the pinnacle of animal health management and is keenly aware that, like humans, an animal’s dental care plays a significant role in its overall health. In 2014, ZNE and Steven D. Spitz, DMD, a human dentist with an animal science background and prior experience working with animals in zoos and sanctuaries throughout the country, started working together to care for a potto who had a fractured tooth. Soon after, Dr. Spitz was invited to join the Advisory Board, and together, Zoo New England and Dr. Spitz created the Oral Health Care Among Species program to further focus on dental care for ZNE’s animal residents. Through the years, Dr. Spitz has provided his expertise during dental procedures for animals including an opossum, tamarin, bush dog, jaguar, and most recently, the spotted hyenas.

Future care will include taking dental x-rays on all animals as they are anesthetized for any health check, to understand and be aware of any dental issues before they cause pain or eating issues.