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child with zoodopt plushes



Big and small, there's a zoodopt for all! Support your Zoos and zoodopt today.

Our Zoos spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical care and special diets to feed our animals. Through your generosity, Zoodoption helps us defray some of these costs and provide excellent food, care and enrichment for all of our animals.
Scroll down for zoodopt plush options.

Zookeeper: $25.00

  • Zoodoption certificate, animal fact sheet and photograph
Zookeeper Level Zoodoption

Senior Zookeeper: $50.00

  • All benefits of the Zookeeper level
  • Two transferrable single-use admission passes to Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo
  • Plush animal of your choice *
Senior Zookeeper Level Zoodoption

Lead Zookeeper: $250.00

  • All benefits of the Zookeeper and Senior Zookeeper levels
  • Four transferrable single-use admission passes to Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo
  • Behind-the-scenes tour for the animal area of your choice!
Lead Zookeeper Level Zoodoption


Zoodopt Plush Animals & Special Edition Zoodopts

Please note: We may be temporarily sold out of some options. Please call 617-989-2076 to check availability.

Redpanda Zoodopt

Red Panda

Flamingo Zoodopt

Giraffe Zoodopt


Prairiedog Zoodopt
Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Lion Zoodopt2

Snowleopard2 Zoodopt
Snow Leopard



kangaroo Kangaroo




Otter Zoodopt
North American River Otter

Lemur Zoodopt
Ring-tailed Lemur

Bear2 Zoodopt
Black Bear

nigerian dwarf goat
 Nigerian Dwarf Goat

spotted turtleSpotted Turtle

Please note that tour options are currently limited. Please contact 617-989-2076 prior to your purchase to learn more about our offerings and restrictions.