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• Please review our current Health & Safety Updates (FPZ and SZ) before your visit.
• Non-Members: Online reservations are required for admission tickets.
• Members: Advance reservations for daytime admission are not required.


Black-Tailed Prairie Dog


I’ve lost/misplaced my membership cards! What should I do?

If you're planning to visit Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo but don't have your membership cards, you can still visit our Zoos free of charge! Be sure to present a photo ID that matches your membership information and notify our Admissions Associate that you've lost your cards. We'll easily look up your membership in our database and allow free admission for all guests as specified under your current membership level.

You may purchase a set of replacement cards right at our admissions booth during your next visit, or order by phone at 617-989-2076. There's a $5 processing fee for replacement cards. Organization and Library passes are $25 to replace.

What if I'm visiting another zoo or aquarium?

Zoo New England, along with 140+ zoos and aquariums, participates in a voluntary membership reciprocal program every year. That means you can visit these other institutions using your Zoo New England membership. Because reciprocity is voluntary, admission rates and discounts may be changed throughout the year; therefore, we highly recommend you contact these institutions to confirm pricing before your visit.

Check out our Reciprocity List here.

Please note, other zoos and aquariums in our reciprocal program operate independently from Zoo New England. If you wish to visit them and have forgotten your membership cards, they won't be able to confirm your current membership with Zoo New England and may charge you regular admission rates.

I signed up for membership, but I haven't received my cards yet.

Memberships typically take two to three weeks to process. If you'd like to visit Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo but have not received your membership cards yet, just show your photo ID and temporary card, membership receipt, or printed online confirmation to the Admissions Associate to verify your membership. You may be asked to fill out a short information form including your name and phone number for our records.

Contact us if at 617-989-2076 or email if:

  • You don't have a temporary card, membership receipt, or online confirmation for your membership
  • You've been waiting four weeks or longer and have not received your new cards in the mail

What if my membership has expired?

You can renew your membership in the following ways:

  1. At our admission booth during your next visit. Upon renewing, you'll receive a receipt for your purchase, as well as a temporary membership card. Memberships take two to three weeks to process.
  2. Right here on our website.
  3. By mail with check or credit card payment. Toward the end of your membership, you'll receive a renewal letter in the mail. Simply fill that out and mail it back to us.
  4. Over the phone at 617-989-2076 with your credit card information ready.

What discounts am I eligible for with my membership?

Check out all the amazing perks of membership here!

Can our child care provider use our membership card?

Zoo memberships are tailored specifically for the named adult cardholders on membership cards. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The best way to grant full membership privileges to your child care provider would be to upgrade your membership to the Friend membership level. This level allows for a third cardholder, as well as four children (under 18), and two accompanying guests.

You may upgrade your membership at any point during your current membership by contacting our Membership department at 617-989-2076 or right at our Admissions booth during your next visit to the Zoo.

Why was I asked to show photo ID with my membership card?

Zoo New England is a non-profit organization, and we depend on membership and attendance for support. Therefore, it's important to prevent misuse of our membership cards. We also want to protect you, the member, if your card is lost or stolen.

Are complimentary admission passes transferable?

Yes. You don't have to accompany your guests to the Zoo, and each guest pass is valid for either one adult or child admission. The following membership levels include guest passes: Curator, Director and Founder.

Is my membership payment tax deductible?

Individual, Dual, Family, Family Plus and Friend level membership payments are fully tax deductible, unless purchased through a third party. Please contact us for specific tax information on Curator, Director and Founder level payments, or for any other questions. 

What if I didn’t receive my confirmation email?

Due to recent security updates with e-mail service providers, e-mails sent to your account from our website may be blocked or sent to your junk mail or SPAM folders.  Be sure to check these folders if you don't receive an e-mail confirmation for your online purchases. 

Otherwise, contact us, and we'll forward you a copy of your confirmation e-mail.