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sea eagle

Raptor Ridge

Feast your eyes on our majestic birds of prey, the Andean condor and Steller’s sea eagle. Built over 110 years ago, the newly renovated Raptor Ridge is one of only two original buildings still standing at the Zoo, alongside Bird’s World. This habitat features a 300-foot-long watercourse that drops 12 feet over five waterfalls. Look up, and you may find the world’s largest raptor, the Andean condor, perched on a rocky ledge just above you. Look below into the flowing waters of an “ancient” subterranean grotto, the original water source for the habitat. 

Be sure to follow the winding path behind the condor habitat for an eagle's eye view of one of the rarest raptors in the world and the largest of all sea eagles, the Steller’s sea eagle.

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