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Our Zoos will be closed for all-staff events on the following dates:
Tuesday, Feb. 7: Stone Zoo Closed  •  Thursday, Feb. 9: Franklin Park Zoo Closed
We hope to see you on another day!

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Plastic Free July EcoChallenge

Congrats, Team ZNE!

Thanks to your amazing hard work, our team has come in 8th place out of 310 competitive teams worldwide. While that alone is cause for celebration, we have even better news—you have made a difference in global plastic pollution! Every plastic container, straw and bottle saved adds up to tens of thousands of items not sent to landfills, beaches and oceans, and every minute spent learning, sharing and conversing brings us one step closer to a greener planet for future generations of humans and wildlife. View the global impact from this year's competition here.

Plastic Free July may have concluded, but plastic pollution continues to have a major impact on the Earth. So, keep the momentum going! Use the skills you’ve honed this month to make a permanent impact, and challenge yourself to find new ways to make a difference.

Join the movement to refuse single-use plastics. The Plastic Free Ecochallenge is a month-long effort for all of us to reduce our single-use plastic consumption. Discover, learn, and explore new ways to take care of wildlife and the world we all share.

Challenge Accepted: Join Today!

In this friendly competition, you’ll connect with other teams, share your progress in the social feed, earn points for taking action, and watch the impact you make add up in realtime! The EcoChallenge website guides you through ways to avoid plastic on an everyday basis, offering tips and encouragement throughout the process. Choose ‘everyday’ or ‘one-time’ actions from a collection of 65+ suggested actions (shown here), or get creative and create your own plastic-free actions! Make sure to check in each day of the challenge to ensure that your actions are tallied in our collective impact and that you score points for every action completed.

See how four weeks of learning and action can add up to a lifetime of positive change for you, your community, and the planet!

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