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ZNE license plate

Save wildlife & wild places with a special Zoo New England license plate!


Show off your love for wildlife and conservation, wherever the road takes you! Zoo New England is accepting applications for special license plates. This plate features a beautiful silverback western lowland gorilla and the Zoo New England logo.


Apply Today!

license plate imageThanks to donations from private individuals, we are able to offer the initial registration fee for Zoo New England license plates for free!

Please keep in mind that this generous offer only covers the initial $40 registration fee, good for the first two years of registration. Renewal fees every two years after that, will be the responsibility of the registrant. However, the entirety of that $40 renewal fee will be going directly to support Zoo New England’s field conservation programs to save wildlife here in Massachusetts and around the world!

Requests are first-come, first-served in the order that applications are received. Applications must be fully complete to be accepted. Please note that we can only accept a maximum of 750 applications, after which time applications will need to be processed directly with the RMV and will include the usual $40 registration fee.

Proceeds from the sale of this license plate directly support Zoo New England’s field conservation programs to save wildlife and wild places in Massachusetts and around the world, so you’ll not only be driving in style — you’ll be making a difference for endangered species like gorillas and countless others. Read more about just a few of these projects below!

We can't wait to take these plates out for a spin, but they won’t be manufactured until we reach 750 applications. We appreciate your patience as applications come in, and encourage you to check back on this page periodically to monitor our progress toward this goal. So, are you ready to join our pack with a special plate? Here are a few more things to know:

  1. Apply for your license plate online at the link above. Note, you will need your driver’s license number and current license plate number (if applicable) to complete the application.
  2. Once the goal of 750 applicants is reached, it will take 6-8 months for the plates to be manufactured and delivered to local RMV Service Centers where they can be picked up directly. Please provide your RMV branch location on your application (click here to find your nearest branch location).
  3. The RMV will notify each applicant directly when the plates are ready for pick up.

Please Note:

  • Your regular Massachusetts registration is separate from the special plate fee and renews every two years. When you renew your plate after two years, the additional $40 is a tax-deductible donation that directly benefits Zoo New England’s conservation programs.
  • There is a $20 plate swap fee plus any applicable registration fees due at the time of plate pick-up. These fees will depend on your current plate number and expiration year. For instance, your current plate may expire in August of 2023. If your new plate expires in January of 2024, the registration system will charge you an additional amount for the extra time you receive on your registration.
  • Registrations must be renewed every two years.
  • If you are putting your plate on a newly acquired vehicle, you must pay applicable sales tax, title and registration fees at the time of registration.
  • These special plates are available to Massachusetts residents only.
  • License plates will use randomly assigned numbers only.

Join us in our commitment to conservation

Your purchase of a special Zoo New England license plate supports our field conservation work and enables us to have a greater impact on behalf of species in the wild, and habitat protection and preservation. From the smallest salamanders in the Middlesex Fells, to stunning snow leopards in Mongolia, help us make an even bigger difference for wildlife! Take a look below at a few of our current projects, and find out about many others here

Cross-River Gorilla Conservation
ZNE has been a longtime supporter of gorilla conservation, and through this partnership, we deepen our commitment to not only Cross-River gorillas, but to the Community Rangers who work to protect them. 

Hatchling and Turtle Conservation through Headstarting (HATCH)
Local classrooms participate in a real-world rare species conservation initiative by raising hatchling turtles to greatly increase their chances of survival in the wild. 

Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project
After thriving for more than 360 million years, one third to one half of the world’s approximately 6,000 known amphibian species could go extinct in our lifetime – a crisis that’s been called “the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs." We’re helping to lead a consortium of partners to provide vital protection for these species. 

Snow Leopard Trust
In this conservation partnership, we're working with the Trust on improving collaboration with herder communities in South Gobi, Mongolia to protect snow leopards and their natural habitat. 

Baird’s Tapir Survival Alliance
We're working to develop education programs in which schoolchildren become citizen scientists assessing problems and creating their own solutions to address local tapir conflicts. 

Questions? Contact us at licenseplate@zoonewengland.org.

Artwork by Stephanie Liszewski