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Please note: On Wednesday April 24 at Franklin Park Zoo and Thursday, April 25 at Stone Zoo, volunteers, zoo employees and local emergency responders will take part in routine animal escape exercises. While the exercise is occurring, guests have the opportunity to participate in the evacuation portion, and may be asked to move to certain areas within the Zoo for a brief period of time (not to exceed 10 minutes). These exercises are an important part of our preparedness training, and we appreciate your participation and understanding. If you have any questions about what to expect, please don't hesitate to contact us at 617-989-2000 or

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Stone Zoo Solar Project

Here at Zoo New England, we continue to strengthen our commitment to clean energy, and the future's looking bright!

Stone Zoo was recently awarded $3 million in funding for a solar project in our parking lot. This project will reduce 95% of Stone Zoo’s reliance on electrical energy powered by fossil fuels. The solar energy system will produce entirely clean energy. Our switch to solar avoids burning 700,000 pounds of coal every year, and is the equivalent of planting 800 acres of trees!

While there will be some tree removal inside the parking lot bays, every tree removed will be replaced elsewhere on Zoo grounds.