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Our Zoos spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical care and special diets to feed our animals. Through your generosity, Zoodoption helps us defray some of these costs and provide excellent food, care and enrichment for all of our animals.
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Zookeeper: $25.00

  • Zoodoption certificate, animal fact sheet and photograph

Zookeeper Level Zoodoption

Senior Zookeeper: $50.00

  • All benefits of the Zookeeper level
  • Two transferrable single-use admission passes to Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo
  • Plush animal of your choice *

Senior Zookeeper Level Zoodoption

Lead Zookeeper: $250.00

  • All benefits of the Zookeeper and Senior Zookeeper levels
  • Four transferrable single-use admission passes to Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo
  • Behind-the-scenes tour for the animal area of your choice!

Lead Zookeeper Level Zoodoption


Zoodopt Plush Animals & Special Edition Zoodopts

Please note: We are temporarily sold out of elephant plushes. Please check this page for availability at a later date.

Redpanda Zoodopt

Red Panda

Flamingo Zoodopt


Giraffe Zoodopt


Gorilla2 Zoodopt


Prairiedog Zoodopt

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

Lion Zoodopt2


Snowleopard2 Zoodopt

Snow Leopard

Tiger Zoodopt


Zebra Zoodopt


Owlbarnzoodopt Box

Barn Owl

Sloth Zoodopt

Wolf Zoodopt


Reindeer Zoodopt


Otter Zoodopt

North American River Otter

Lemur Zoodopt

Ring-tailed Lemur

Bear2 Zoodopt

Black Bear

nigerian dwarf goat 

Nigerian Dwarf Goat




(Plush image coming soon)



Special Edition Zoodopts

Turtlezoodopt BoxCritter for Conservation

ZNE’s Conservation Department is committed to preserving local biodiversity of rare native animals and plants, while also working to save species on a national and international level. This special edition spotted turtle zoodopt represents local species that Zoo New England’s Grassroots Wildlife Conservation is working to save here in Massachusetts. Proceeds from this zoodopt directly benefit our new Conservation Department.

Elephant & Rhino

With each elephant and rhino zoodopt, you'll receive more information about these amazing species and the ivory crisis that threatens their existence. While we do not have elephants and rhinos on exhibit here at our Zoos, ZNE is working to raise awareness and protect them from extinction. Learn more about what we're doing to take action against the ivory trade, and how you can join the herd.

Elephantzoodopt Box

African Elephant

Rhinozoodopt Box


*Plushes are not available for all animals. Please call 617-989-2076 to check availability.

Subject to restrictions, call 617-989-2076 for details.

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