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flamingos in Caribbean Coast

Caribbean flamingos

Caribbean Coast

Begin your journey to the Caribbean in our walk-through aviary, Flamingo Flats. Here, you’ll be greeted by this striking feathered flamingo flock, scarlet ibis and colorful macaws. Guests have the rare opportunity to see the critically-endangered Jamaican iguana, the island's largest terrestrial vertebrate which was thought to be extinct for decades.

Along the Calypso Trail, rock and stroll to the rhythm of the islands. Try your hand at a few Caribbean percussion instruments, or strike a flamingo pose. And be sure to stop by the bush dog exhibit, the only one in New England!

Flamingo Box2

Caribbean Flamingo

Bush Dog1 Box

Bush Dog

Macaw Box (2)

Scarlet Macaw

Jamaican Iguana Box

Jamaican Iguana