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Please note: On Wednesday April 24 at Franklin Park Zoo and Thursday, April 25 at Stone Zoo, volunteers, zoo employees and local emergency responders will take part in routine animal escape exercises. While the exercise is occurring, guests have the opportunity to participate in the evacuation portion, and may be asked to move to certain areas within the Zoo for a brief period of time (not to exceed 10 minutes). These exercises are an important part of our preparedness training, and we appreciate your participation and understanding. If you have any questions about what to expect, please don't hesitate to contact us at 617-989-2000 or

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sustainable dining

Sustainable Snacking

Our culinary teams support the Zoo's conservation efforts by making choices that help contribute to a better future. From sourcing food that's farmed and harvested in ways that minimize the impact on wildlife and the planet, to using environmentally friendly cups and containers, we're working to ensure our practices at the Zoo are as sustainable as possible. 

Some specific actions we've taken at Zoo New England’s Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo include:

  • Ensuring our products contain only responsibly sourced palm oil or no palm oil at all to aid in the conservation of our rainforests and the vital habitats for many of our animals
  • Serving meals in food containers from World Centric Products which manufacture only compostable foodservice and packaging products and give 25% of their profits to social and environmental organizations focused on alleviating poverty and combating climate change
  • Using environmentally friendly cups and lids. Biodegradable and compostable products reduce dependence on foreign oil. Substituting sustainable and renewable plant based for petroleum based plastics contributes to waste diversion programs in the U.S. All of our compostable products meet ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868 standards.
  • Using recycling barrels and baling cardboard
  • Eliminating plastic straws