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Pablo, western lowland gorilla

Gorilla Grove

Gorilla Grove features over 360,000 cubic feet for the troop to explore, including vines and trees for climbing, a cascading waterfall, and a multitude of built-in foraging opportunities for gorillas to discover throughout the day. 

Venture through the observation outpost to the heart of the habitat, where you’ll get a 360-degree view of Gorilla Grove. Come face-to-face with gorillas at the viewing stations around you, or look up, and you may see gorillas peeking in at you through the skylights as they climb overhead! 

Please note:
It must be at least 45 degrees and sunny for the gorillas to have access to Gorilla Grove. If it’s raining, the temperature cut-off is 55 degrees. We take cues from the gorillas and monitor weather conditions closely.

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