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Gorilla Grove

Included with general admission. Members visit for free!

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Please note: It must be at least 45 degrees and sunny for the gorillas to have access to Gorilla Grove.
The gorillas have access to this outdoor space daily, starting between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m., but they may choose to spend time in an indoor area, not visible to the public, as they’re getting used to their new home. 

Gorilla Grove is Franklin Park Zoo’s brand-new outdoor gorilla habitat. This immersive space features over 360,000 cubic feet for the gorilla troop to explore, including vines and trees for climbing, a cascading waterfall, and a multitude of built-in foraging opportunities for gorillas to discover throughout the day. 

Venture through the observation outpost to the heart of the habitat, where you’ll get a 360-degree view of Gorilla Grove. Come face-to-face with gorillas at the viewing stations around you, or look up, and you may see gorillas peeking in at you through the skylights as they climb overhead! 

In this dynamic new environment, you’re more than just an observer—you’re an insider. Get ready to truly immerse yourself in the habitat, natural behaviors and social dynamics of the gorilla family. Here, you may discover how similar we are to our wild counterparts, and the importance of protecting our shared habitat.