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African Lions

Kalahari Kingdom

Even before you reach Kalahari Kingdom, you may hear the lions' rumbling roars echoing far beyond their habitat, a call almost impossible to resist. Kalahari Kingdom allows visitors to experience the majesty of this king of the jungle in several distinct ways: climb into a “crashed” land rover and come nose-to-nose with a lion sniffing around the hood of your car; exchange glances with these magnificent beasts through a glass at a ranger station, or peek at them from across a moat as they soak up the sun.

Get to know Franklin Park Zoo’s kori bustard M’guu on your next visit. M’guu was received as an egg from the Smithsonian National Zoo and was hatched and reared at Zoo New England in 2003.

Then make your way to our bongo and red river hog exhibit. Once called “ghosts of the forest,” bongos are known for being almost silent as they move through their environment. Bongos are the largest of the African antelope, and they're recognized by their chestnut-red color and thin white stripes. Cast your eyes a few feet lower, and you'll meet our red river hogs. These shapely swine will capture your hearts with their striking features and curious personalities.