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Update: Zoo New England receives national award for conservation

ZNE's Hatchling Turtle Conservation Through Headstarting (HATCH) program receives national award for conservation. More

Turtle Conservation

kids with field conservationist

Hatchling and Turtle Conservation through Headstarting (HATCH)

Students in our program participate in a real-world rare species conservation program by raising hatchling turtles to greatly increase their chances of survival in the wild.

blanding's turtle

Blanding's Turtles

We're monitoring and helping to protect four different Blanding’s turtle populations around the state.

eastern box turtle

Eastern Box Turtles

We study and monitor eastern box turtle movements, home ranges, growth and survival, and when possible, protect their nests. We’re currently monitoring headstarted turtles recently released back into their natural habitat.

spotted turtle

Spotted Turtles

We’re working to conserve the last remaining population of the locally rare spotted turtle in Boston. Biologists radiotrack turtles to document population demographics, understand habitat needs and headstart hatchlings.

Wood Turtles

Once the most common freshwater turtle in eastern Mass, the wood turtle is now state threatened. We've been monitoring these turtles since 2012, and we'll be working alongside MassWildlife to access populations through 2021.

field conservationists

Turtles at the Arnold Arboretum

The Arboretum is an oasis in the city of Boston, not just for trees, but also many species of wildlife. We’ve partnered with the Arboretum to monitor and protect the turtles that live in their ponds.

koda the turtle dog

Turtle Dog, Koda

Koda, our “Turtle Dog,” is trained to assist staff in locating turtles in their native habitat as part of vital conservation work to protect and bolster regionally threatened populations of turtles.