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Bali Mynah

Leucopsar rothschildi

  • Bali Mynah
  • Bali Mynah
  • bali mynah


About the Bali Mynah

conservation status: critically endangered

Class: Aves
Family: Sturnidae
Genus: Leucopsar
Species: rothschildi

The Bali mynah is nearly all white except for black wingtips and blue skin patches around the eyes. Its feet, legs and bill are bluish-gray. The only native bird species of the Indonesian island for which it is named, the Bali mynah is a friendly, social bird that typically flocks in groups of 30 to 60.

Committed to Conservation

Zoo New England participates in the bali mynah Species Survival Plan. By sharing research and knowledge, participating institutions work together to establish guidelines that best ensure the health of captive populations, and with success, the survival of endangered species.