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All About Animals

World Giraffe Day Pledge

Thanks to everyone who signed the pledge to save giraffe on World Giraffe day and helped us build our giraffe word cloud! Can you find your name below?

giraffeDid you know...

Giraffe populations are declining in the wild. In fact, giraffe are extinct (no more living animals exist) in at least seven countries in Africa. A large threat to giraffe is poaching. In some areas of Africa, poachers kill them for food. Giraffe are also struggling because of habitat loss. Where there used to be bush or savannah before, land is now used for villages and fields for planting food. As a result, there’s less space available for giraffe.

How can you help?

When you visit Franklin Park Zoo, you’re supporting the care of Masai giraffe Amari and Chad. There are plenty of ways to help protect giraffe in the wild as well.

  • Talk to family and friends about the issues that giraffe face every day, and use the hashtag #StandTallForGiraffe when you post about them to your social media to help build awareness.
  • Protect the environment and help fight climate change by recycling, planting a tree, and packing your lunch in a reusable bag.
  • Support the care of our giraffes and nearly 2,000 other animals at Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo with a donation to the All For Our Animals Fund!

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