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Build an Animal Habitat

A habitat is the environment in which a plant or animal lives and grows. In a habitat, animals needs five things: food, water, shelter, oxygen (yes, even under the water!), and space. Let’s build an animal its very own habitat that meets all its needs!


Step 1:

animalPick an animal! This could be your favorite animal, one in your local area, or one you’re interested in learning about. You can even pick your favorite animal from Franklin Park Zoo or Stone Zoo! If you have any clay or craft materials at home, try crafting your little friend. You could even try to make them with origami.


Step 2:

kids learningResearch your animal friend! Does it live in the jungle, desert, or mountains? What does it like to eat? Does your animal like to hide or stay out in the open? The more details you have, the easier it will be to make a home for it to thrive in. Now it’s time to make your animal a place to live!
Need inspiration? Learn all about the animals at Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo!


Step 3:

diarama exampleCraft your habitat! Think about where your animal lives, and what it will need in its habitat to fulfill its needs. Then get creative! Using a shoebox, you can draw, color, paint, or model parts of its habitat. What will it need to eat? Is there a river or lake so it can get water? Does it like to shelter in trees or in caves? You can make your habitat as simple or complex as you like based on the materials you have available.


Step 4:

boy and craftOnce you make your habitat, try writing a story about your animal and how it spends its day.

Challenge: Try to create a habitat for more than one animal, or maybe create a whole ecosystem!

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